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Change: It's only 7 steps away!

It has been said that

if you make one small

change that movement

has the power to encourage

several changes in you.

Have you ever noticed how once you have made one small change, it leads to many more? One of the greatest gifts from God is the ability to start anew with the start of a new day or by changing your thoughts. Can you imagine life without this gift? Oh no! We would have to live a life that was not meant for us day in and day out. I can remember several moments in my life where if it was not for change, I would not be the person I am today or I may not be here at all. I can say that during each one of those moments, I uttered the words,"I can not continue to live like this." Have you had moments like that , when you have uttered those words? Most of us have, but not everyone has had that "aha" moment. Some have had it and chose to stay in that life because they are afraid of change. True change is not always good if it is meant for negativity. Lets use the internet for an example, the internet can bring you love, knowledge, and even start a career. But it can also deliver racism, hatered, and abuse.

Honestly, change is what you make it. You can change for bad or you can change for good. Lets hope you pick the later. If you are feeling unfulfilled, lack luster, and feel as if you do not have a purpose, then it is time to make some changes!

Here are some tips to motivate change:

Tip 1: Assess the situation: Try to find out in what area of your life do you lack luster. Next, make a list of the areas of your life that needs a overhaul. Then list next to it one step you can take to change it. Start small, don't over whelm yourself.

Tip 2: Once you conquer Tip 1,find someone who has what it is you want. Like a model for change! Don't hate, just appreciate their blessings. Have you heard the saying, " my cup runeth over?" Let their cup run over and fill you up with their gift. If it is possible, talk to that person and see if they can give you some advice. We can all learn from each other.

Tip 3: Assess how you can adapt some small changes from your list and those you received from your model for change to your life that will get you closer to the life you want.

Tip 4: Implement those small steps into your life. Continue to pay attention to how they enhance your life. If you find that the step is not working for you, go back and pick another step but remember consistency is key. Change does not always happen over night.

Tip 5: Make sure you celebrate each success regardless of how small they are; you deserve to celebrate!

Tip 6: Keep taking small steps because the grand finally will be a new you, living the life you want to live. Repeat steps1-5 until you are satisfied.

Tip 7: Inspire someone else to make some positive changes. Why not? You are a model for change now! You are guaranteed to inspire others.

BAM! Blessing & Miracles



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