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Weighted Blankets for Depression

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Have you heard of Weighted blankets before? Weighted blanks are great companions for those who are dealing with depression, helps to relax your body after a hard day of work, if you are always cold, and improve your sleep level. It can be used not only while sleeping, but also while reading or watching TV, just throw this weighted blanket over your bed, sofa or everywhere you want for easy access. Weighted blankets makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones for the holidays and special occasions.Weighted blankets are various in color, style, size and weight to meet different needs at different ages. It's recommend that customers choose a weighted blanket that weighs 7% to 12% of their body weight. If you are using weighted blankets for the first time, they suggest you choose a lighter weight. (15 lbs weighted blanket is for individual weighing around 150 lbs.) The blankets are rather reasonable and I would highly suggest you check one out. Click the picture to order one today!


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