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Speaking Topics

Mental Health​

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


  • Women Issues

  • Doing Relationships as a Grown Woman

  • Blooming into a Grown Woman



  • Self Esteem

  • Living Authentically



  • How to have a Healthy Marriage

  • The Importance of Communication in Marriages

  • Stepping into Your Marriage with Security


  • Self Care (Detailed) 

Solution Focus Brief Therapy Training

Are you looking to enhance your staff's ability to provide great therapeutic service in a brief amount of time while being effective?

Let us provide a  customized workshop that will be developed to engage, equip and inspire

staff to take their service delivery to another level. This transformative

training will include interactive exercises, practical examples, and

coaching in a fun yet focused environment.


The Pay Off

Solution Focus Brief Therapy (SFBT)


  • Enhanced Understanding of SFBT

  • The connection between the therapist/provider and SFBT 

  • Equip staff with SFBT interventions in their day to day work

  • Incorporating SFBT with Group Therapy

  • Interactive Role Play

  • SFBT tools to take back to work

  • Q&A

  • And More!

Teen Dating & Intimacy Violence Workshop

​The Purpose
Teen Dating and Intimacy Violence Workshop is a prevention initiative that will help adolescents recognize and form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse before it starts. This initiative is designed to help motivate adolescents to challenge harmful beliefs about dating abuse and take steps to form respectful relationships. Healthy relationships are about trust, honesty, and compromise. Sounds simple enough, but sometimes kids don’t see relationships in such black-and-white terms.


Within the phrases,  "I just called to say hi," and "Why aren’t you texting me back," lie many shades of gray that adults can help kids and teens understand. (CDC, 2008)

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