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Are you ready to become Licensed

 Clinical Social Worker(LCSW)

I need you to REALLY be ready to gain your "C"

I provide supervision in individual sessions focus on clinical development, Code of Ethics standards and clinical implementation. We will review diagnostic criteria, vignettes, ethical dilemmas, COE's, questions concerning professional development, implementation and interventions in supervision.

I would like for you to :

  1. Be within 24 -month window of completing supervision

  2. Be in a practice work setting where you work with clients one on one ( Does not have to be just individual therapy)

  3. Be in the active process of obtaining 3,000 hours of directed agency practice. 

  4. I must be able to speak with your Supervisor or Director.

  5. Must be in good standing on your job and with ASWB 



As a reminder to  supervisees, the following requirement for documentation is enforced:

“Both supervisors and supervisees are required to maintain a contemporaneous record of the date, duration, type (individual, paired, or group), and a brief summary of the pertinent activity for each supervision session to be submitted to the Board upon request. If there are any discrepancies in hours, contemporaneous documentation of supervision will be requested.”

Supervision Requirements:

Hello, Future Supervisee 


I am Tamekis Williams, MSW, LCSW and I am a 17yr. seasoned social worker and clinician, who have expertise in a variety of modalities, theoretical orientations, and populations.


I provide supervision in both individual and group formats. Sessions focus on the presentation of clinical material with a focus on adolescent, families, and Couples. We will review diagnostic criteria, vignettes, ethical dilemmas, questions concerning professional development, and interventions in supervision. Toward the end, as a bonus, we will briefly talk about entrepreneur endeavors in Social Work.




Here is where you can find the State of Georgia  LCSW Licensure requirements.



I am offering high-quality low-cost supervision because I understand that you are not making what you are worth in Georgia as well as a way to give back by teaching the next generation of highly qualified Social Workers.  


Individual: $100 an hour




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