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Getting the Silent Treatment? Here is what you should do.

The "silent treatment" can work for couples; and against them.  When your partner gives you the silent treatment it can be a representation of several feelings.  It can be an expression of anger, confusion, irritation or sadness.

Silence can also represent a coping mechanism or he/she just simply need time to think. Silence can be passive aggressive or a matter of control.

Silence is at times looked at s a form of psychological abuse where one is working to control the emotions of the other. Silence can also be avoidance where the one who sits in silence is not willing to confront an issue.  

Silence can change the trajectory of the conversation by slowing moods and behaviors down and this gives the couple an opportunity to possibly start over. It can also irritate the hell out of the one being ignored and escalate the current situation. 

Here are 5 steps one can take to address silence:

1.When your partner gives you the silent treatment simply ask them if they need some time and if they don't respond then assume this is what they need. You may need it as well.

2. Apologize if you are in the wrong and said something hurtful to leave them speechless.

3.Assess if this is an embedded behavior in the relationship that needs to be changed

If the silent treatment lasts for days and this is a reoccurring theme, then there is definitely some communication issues present in the relationship that need to be addressed. Give us a call today!


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