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7 Steps to Boost Body Image:

How do you feel about your body image? I hope that you are loving who you are even if there are some things you would like to change about your body. Here are 7 stems you can immediately apply to your life to feel better about your body , just make sure you are being realistic, compassionate and empathetic to your self.

1. Accept yourself for who you are, how you are and where you are in life right now. Write down the things you would like to change and work on them one at a time. 

2.  Envision the body you want as if you already have reached the goal. You can meditate on this image and start to journal about your planned changes. 

3.Change the negative thoughts and speech into more positive affirming thoughts and speech. For example, if you constantly complain about your weight, start to speak more about the changes you are making to be healthier. 

4.Focus on the good character traits and parts of your body that you like and accentuate them. Think about the positive things you do for others or positive compliments your friends or family have said about you. 

5.Change any bad habits that contribute to this negative outlook of your body image. For example, if you eat a lot of unhealthy or sugary foods, try to cut back and choose healthier options.

6. Go for a makeover.  Sometimes one small change can immediately boost your esteem and get you on the fast track to positive change and self-love. For example, try a new haircut or color, new lipstick color or find a new color that you don't usually wear that compliments your skin tone. 

7. Smile more. Smiling makes you feel better, look better and feel better by releasing happy endorphins that can reduce stress and anxiety.   

At the end of the day,  it is most important to work on getting to know yourself and being comfortable with who you are. Once you are aware of who you are, you can accept yourself and then learn to love you just the way are and this is when the real change and boost in confidence and body image happens. 


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