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Bizadaptology: Mac and Cheese

"Anyone can cook Mac and Cheese, it is the ingredients and the know how that makes it taste good." Tamekis Williams

Let's apply this principle to our business.Almost everybody loves mac and cheese. It is one of the world's most favorite comfort foods. It reminds people of their love ones, family, and a good American meal. But let's face it everybody does not know how to cook Mac and cheese. I'm sure you have come across some mac and cheese that was dry, watery, did not have enough cheese, or just downright horrible. But to be fair to the cook they can only make it as best as they know how. The taste of the mac and cheese will greatly depend on the knowledge the cook has before they set out to make the dish.In today's society, many people want it quick, fast and in a hurry. To make great mac and cheese it will take more than just opening a box. You have to take your time and practice a little bit before you become great at it.

Think about it, before you started your business I'm sure that you did a lot of research related to your industry. You did a couple of tests runs and shared your products and results with your friends and/or your family. Based on reviews, you may have decided to go back to go back to the drawing board to do a little bit more research, possibly add a little bit more cheese per se.Let's face it, knowledge is the key and the more knowledge you have about your sector in the business world the more successful you will be at creating a product that people will be interested in and would want to come back for more.

Once you have mastered the basic recipe for mac and cheese, often times we like to find a way to add a twist in order to make your Mac and Cheese a little bit better than the norm. So how do we do this you may ask? We often find a way to add a new ingredient, something that is going to spice up that mac and cheese and make it a step or 3 above the normal recipes that are out there.In business terms, a lot of times we want to make our products a step above the masses. We have to find a way to create our own niche in the industry that will set us apart from everyone else. We have to find a way to enhance our products in order to make them a little bit better than what we have been selling in the last couple of years or what has been on the market in the last decade.

This often goes back to knowledge, because you have to be able to go back and do the research to answer a couple of questions:

1.What is hot right now in your industry? You know that thing that makes people come back for more, excites them, and make them go into their wallet or purse to spend money to purchase it.

2.What makes your business different from the top 5 or 10 sellers of the same exact product?

3.What can you change or add to your product that will push you up into that top 10 best sellers list?

Hey the top 50 to 100 list is great as well! Just refresh is all I am saying!Let's face it; you have to keep it fresh because no one wants stale mac and cheese! So go ahead and ask yourself these three questions and I would suggest that you take the time to write your replies down. Really contemplate and marinate on these questions because every now and then we have to find a way to refresh our business just like we want to refresh different areas in our life.Please remember, because I know answering these three questions can be overwhelming. It takes time to perfect anything, but you do have to get started in order to make a change.Start small because the only difference between you and a more successful business could be something very small.

Do a little taste test. Your mac and cheese could simply lack a little salt instead of a huge overhaul. Also remember throughout this taste test that:

1.Confidence is everything! If you are not confident about what it is you have created even if it is failing or is getting horrible reviews, then no one else will have confidence in you or your product. Every failure is a success because you have the opportunity to learn a very valuable lesson.

2.Patience is a virtue! You will have to have patience in order to cultivate something great. Yes, greatness can come over night for some but not for all and you have to remember that all things come in due time. So you have to plant the seed before it can release the fruit. Rushing the product can often send you back 10 steps and you will be right back where you were before you decided to use the steps in this post.

3.Be the "Little Engine That Could" and try and try again. Don't give up because if this is your passion you will keep moving forward to acheese (achieve) successful.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel just make it better and take a look at what you're competitors are doing. For example, the no name brand mac and cheese is doing the same thing that the name brand mac and cheese is doing. The no name mac and cheese has a audience of its own even though they have the same ingredients as the name brand mac and cheese. Their process of delivery maybe more cost friendly than the name brand, so you save or their ingredients maybe more eco-friendly than the name brand, so you receive quality.

So lets wrap this up and remember the key points of this tidbit of knowledge. It is important to stay abreast of things in your Industry of business. Refreshing your ideas and products is key to sustainability. Also, please create an evaluation process because this will let you know where you stand and where you are going. So go ahead and set yourself apart from the rest by increasing your knowledge, being confident, having patience, not being afraid to try and utilizing an evaluation process.

BAM! Blessing and Miracles


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