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Got a MSW but can't get a job?

Hello, I have a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself:

1. Do you have any experience in the field or have you pretty much been a student?

2. Have you had some one look over your resume?

3. Have you assessed yourself to see if you are being too picky with the jobs you are passing up because you now have your MSW? ( "I am not trying to be mean, just real. I know how we can get right after we receive our degrees. We feel qualified and ready for a Master level position but that often comes later for most unless you have a lot of experience or know someone")

4. Are you willing to look for employment out side of where you live?

5. Have you thought about getting your LMSW?

6. Do you know someone that can possibly put in a good word for you for a position?

I asked these questions because they all can impact your ability to find employment. Most agencies are looking for LMSW or LCSW for liability reasons, so you may want to start studying for your LMSW. Like other colleagues may have stated, you may have to start at the bottom but understand that you will be receiving some perks hopefully;experience , possible CEUs, and training which can make up for the low salary and help you progress forward.

You may want to look into a CORE provider in your area. You will qualify for CSI work until you get your LMSW then you can move to contract work as a therapist for the CORE agency until something else come along.

Also, if you have some experience in the field, sit down and take a look at all of the skills you have and see if they are transferable skills you can use in Public Health, Program Development, Community Organizing, etc. We all have to be willing to start some where, so I hope this post helps you assess the situation and find a solution that will hopefully lead you to employment.

BAM! Blessings and Miracles


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