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"My goal is to help you rediscover the gifts God gave you when he was doodling your creation."  God does not make mistakes , so if you are feeling like he has made one with you, I am here to tell you he did not!  Life can be hard and feel unfair at times and it is important for you to have someone who can simply provide a listening ear or help guide you through steps that will help make your situation easier to bare. We all have moments in life that can knock us off our feet or situations where we are having a hard time coming up with a solution.


I would like to help you nourisher your inner self, the essence of you. Often times we forget about our true self or simply loose track by getting caught up in what others expect from you. It is key to every know and then check in with your self to make sure that you are staying authentic to the essence of you. When you check in make sure that you check each level : mind body spirit soul for balance. Be careful,  because balance does not mean perfection. It means being at a state where you are healthy functioning at a level that provides contentment in each area.I'm hear to help you move beyond the barriers that  are stopping you from moving forward toward a  healthy mental capacity.


If you are suffering from depression , anxiety, marital issues, or just need guidance  etc., I can  help you see that you do have control even when it feels like you do not.  


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Real Life Solutions: One Step at a Time

Ready for Change?

It has been said that
if you make one small
change that movement
has the power to encourage
several changes in you.

Have you ever noticed how once you have made one small change, it leads to many more?  One of the greatest gifts from God is the ability to start anew with the start of a new day or by changing your thoughts. Can you imagine life without this gift? Oh no! We would have to live a life that was not meant for our day in and day out. I can remember several moments in my life where if it was not for change, I would not be the person I am today or I may not be here at all. I can say that during each one of those moments, I uttered the words,"I can not continue to live like this." Have you had moments like that, when you have uttered those words? Most of us have, but not everyone has had that "aha" moment. Some have had it and chose to stay in that life because they are afraid of change. True change is not always good if it is meant for negativity.  Lets use the internet for an example, the internet can bring you love, knowledge, and even start a career. But it can also deliver racism, hatred, and abuse. 

Honestly, change is what you make it. You can change for bad or you can change for good. Lets hope you pick the later. If you are feeling unfulfilled, lackluster, and feel as if you do not have a purpose, then it is time to make some changes! 


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Happy Couple

It all starts with a healthy relationship between the two of you....
 How strong is your family's 

We also offer Prepare & Enrich Pre-marital and Marital Enrichment Assessment Counseling 

Real Life Solutions : Female Empowerment

Female Empowerment at it's best! 

Do people tend to tell you, "you always have it together, you're the strong one?" Are you tired of feeling disconnected with your identity and feeling like you don't know who you are anymore? You often don't feel fulfilled but more confused when you can't explain why you do what you do. This can be hard to accept and you carry these feelings around like a  heavy backpack full of bricks with no help in sight........until today! You need a place where you can be you and breath deeply without judgment but with support. You don't' have to have it all together here. Imagine a day when you can be yourself, know yourself, love yourself and be supported. 


To help women/girls realize they already have all the gifts they need within themselves to live a healthy and abundant life. All they have to do is just take a journey into self-discovery to explore their inner strengths, intelligence and love.

Got a minute?
Please Take
Our Anonymous
Self Esteem



Welcome to Mission Dorothy the Podcast

Join us on a journey to your authentic self after a long and hard road trip called life. Tamekis Williams, a Clinical Social Worker/Therapist/Coach, and guest will give you the tools to learning how to unpack and get comfortable with yourself again or for the first time. We want to help you reconnect with your authentic self so that you can trust your own thoughts, beliefs and discover the gifts you hold within. Let us help you create a happy and fulfilled life on your terms.Even though MD is for women; men can surely benefit from listening as well! 
P.S. We don't just talk, we do give action steps and homework too!
New Episodes: Released on Monday Mornings at 7am!

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